Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Simple Things

The weather in Delhi the best at this time and so I am barely at home. Good weather brings out the best of me. Don't have much to write. I am busy enjoying simple things like long walks, looking at people, working out and eating good food. 

I hope you guys are having a great time. And yes, do read my interview on CouponsJi here. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Letter to Your 25 Year Self

Now this post is almost embarrassing because all my life I have lived with a pressure of doing everything right, the kind of pressure that is lovingly bestowed upon most eldest kids in this world. Anyway, letters to 20 or 25 or 28 year selves are one of those rare digital things that are trending and important at the same time. So, here I come, with a list of my own.

You shouldn't have burned yourself out. I am not saying it was all work and no play. But you could have found little ways to take it easy every one in a while and do something just for fun.

You shouldn't have tried to make everyone happy. It's exhausting and a recipe for disaster. While being accepted certainly feels good, but you should have done what felt right. If you managed to piss off some of the people you care, you should have remembered that they would come around eventually.

You should have eaten more Chinese food. They made you happy. Your obsession with waistline management is fine but you certainly missed out on enjoying a number of meals. So eat when you can. Your cheat meals should be planned weekly now.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Would You Keto?

Like many other girls out there, the two words that I have googled the most in my life are weight and loss. And I have had my fair share of related disappointment and self-loathing.

Let me rant for another paragraph, I promise I will stop after that. So you see, I have never really stopped working out and for the last two years, I have upped my game as well - started working out twice a day. I lose weight at a snail's pace. 

And all this brings me to the other part of weight loss - diet. These days, almost everyone is taking about Ketogenic Diet, a diet porogramme based on fat. If you follow the diet, you need to get 75% of your calories from fat, 20% from protein and 5% from carbohydrates.

Even though the whole world is going gaga about it, I am a chicken shit to try it. 75% fat??? Are you kidding me? What if it works in reverse? I know dietitians would give an explanation for why that just won't happen. But I don't have the courage.

What about you?  Would you try the Keto diet?

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Nothing At All

Just realised that I haven't updated the blog in a while. Like a few times before, I have nothing to say. At all. Hope you are having a good weekend. Please follow me on GFC and Facebook and Instagram if you like reading the blog.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Black & White

I have a huge stack of white clothes. I live in a dusty city and have a flair for sweating at the most inappropriate occasions. I also happen to be a real clumsy person who falls so often, it can put a nine year old to shame. Yet, I buy whites like they will be gone next month from all the shop-shelves in the world.

They say a person who likes white, is humble and has a pure heart. Also, white can make anyone happy - not like yellow, but white has its moments - and gives out an impression that everything is fine. I have a friend who likes white hotel bedsheets. "They calm me and tell me that its a well deserved vacation, enjoy it," she says.

I have always wondered how it must be when a person who likes white, falls for someone who likes black. Do they compliment each other like the two colours? Or is the simplicity always at war with the mystery? Does white know when to make the black happy? Does the latter know when to come out of its shell and talk its heart out?

Are you a black or a white person? 

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P.S. Yes, my sister and I were trying to do the same pose :)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Floral Prints

When printed and embroidered jeans made their way into people's wardrobes during the 90's, many of us thought the trend was outright distasteful. I even argued that people never bought them. They wore them because someone gifted them a pair.

And this time when embellished denims made a comeback, they looked different. Like that mousy girl (you can't even remember) from school who is now a successful model. Is it really her, you ask.

It is interesting to see how we look at the same things differently after a period of time. When it comes to fashion, the ever changing outlook towards certain fashion trends is always at play before the launch of an SS and AW.

Is there a fashion trend you didn't care for earlier and are now considering?

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Call It A Summer Jacket

I always wanted to be a sweat-free child. For me, sweating was always for bad people who had done some terrible things in their lives and were forever paying back in salt water. I still hate it. For me, even the well-deserved, post-workout perspiration is just a punishment for pissing off the Sleep Gods.

The only thing that is worse than sweating is sweating plus oily skin. Now don't go anywhere, just don't picture it and be with me here. I am just looking for digital shoulders to cry on I guess. When I have to meet people on a hot day, deodorants and face-powders consume all the space in my chic but good-for-nothing satchels. 

What I hate the most about all this is that I cannot layer - like so many fashionable people on this planet - and I cannot wear those good looking white keds with summer dresses. So when it was a little less hot on a weekend, the first thing I did was to run my scissors through a newly bought kurta and wear it over a white top, even call it a summer jacket.

How do you, good readers, manage to layer up during summers?  

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